About Us
We are a very experienced team of 70+ with an outstanding international track record in relevant technologies and businesses and we are looking for a strategic partnership in the region.
Who we are
Streamline food trade
Eliminate fees including exchange rates
Make financing accessible
Today's world uncertainties caused the contraction of food supply chain financing. Medium-size traders, suppliers and buyers are facing stringent requirements to get financing. Foreign currencies' skyrocketed volatility has prompted all trade parties to include price hedging buffers into the trade contracts raising prices by as much as 13% above the inflation.
Our Mission
Management Team
Dmitriy Pushkarev
Sales & Demand Planning, LIQUIENT - Head of Sales with 15 years experience of leading distribution organizations for major FMCG manufacturers (Procter&Gamble, Henkel, Fater, Coty) in Central Asia.
Alexandra Bolokhova
Logistic, XIAN - Alexandra has a 20 years experience in logistics and food supply chain management. With Xian Group Alexandra worked her way up to the Director of Logistics.
Daria Zagrebina
Legal, LIQUIENT - Daria has almost 10 years of experience in the legal consulting business. Former Head of the Pharmaceutical Practice of the Legal Department of Ernst & Young
Guillaume Pascual
Trading Ops, XIAN - a 15 years experience in financial management roles at international food industry, including La Pain Quotidien. MSc
Ruslan Gabitov
Solutions Architecture, LIQUIENT - Has 25+ years of extensive background leading IT departments in banking sector , HP, and IDC.
Daniyar Kuanshaliyev
Analytics, LIQUIENT - 10 yrs in consulting and microeconomics, audited National Bank, author of a GDP dynamic model.
Margarita Starostina
Digital Assets Architecture, LIQUIENT - more than 15 years of experience in investment banking, consulting and VC. Former senior member of KPMG.
Yernar Mailyubayev
CTO, LIQUIENT - CTO with 14+ years experience leading development of high profile projects including a VAT administration on blockchain for Tax Authority (BM, PwC), MSc
Vitali Klenov
Finance, LIQUIENT - 25 years of business practice in corporate and investment banking including Société Générale Group. PhD.
Alexander Jorov
Strategy, LIQUIENT - CSDO and Co-Founder, 20 Years in Management Consulting, Ex-Partner and MD of BCG, Harvard MBA., MSc
Christian Mazallon
CBDO LIQUIENT, CEO XIAN - The CEO and founder of Xian Group, Christian has thirty Years of experience in global trading.
Sanzhar Kettebekov
CEO & CO-FOUNDER LIQUIENT - 25 yrs in IT, 10+ yrs of Founder & CxO, Global consulting for Fortune 500, VC/PE, PhD from Penn State, Scientist at MIT, Computer Sci & AI Lab